Our Vision

About Us

A focus on stability and diversification has seen Salta Properties flourish in its 40 years of operation. Our breadth of investments and property development projects across multiple sectors has steadied us in tough economic times and helped us become one of Australia’s largest privately-owned companies with more than $4 billion worth of projects completed or in active development. Our brand story however, is a more organic one:  a focus on genuine partnerships, craftsmanship and finding solutions has helped us become the go-to developer for quality residential apartments, bespoke commercial offices, and collaborative ways to solve complex industrial and intermodal problems.

We proudly reflect on a catalogue of timeless, sustainable projects across all property sectors but as importantly, we look forward – to new technologies, designs and solutions to improve the way Australians live, work and shop.

Salta Properties’ Board is a key component of the Group’s structure. The Board comprises of Executive Director Sam Tarascio Snr, Sam Tarascio, Tarascio family members and independent, external advisors. The Advisory Board guides strategic and commercial objectives for the Salta Properties Group and the direction of the business.

Our history

For over forty years, family-owned Salta Properties has worked in a proudly visionary way, leading to successful multi-sector property development, project management and profitable long-term investments. Starting out in the 1970s as a one-warehouse operation, Salvatore (Sam) Tarascio now presides over multi-billion dollar multi-disciplinary success story.

Continuing to plan for the future, Salta Properties’ proudly looks back on its enduring developments, highlights of which can be found in the following timeline:

  • Salta Properties was founded by Sam Tarascio in 1972.
  • First warehouse development completed at Cherry Lane in 1973.
  • Office workshop at Grieve Parade and Pinnacle Road in Altona North was completed in 1980, which became Salta Properties’ first head office.
  • Grieve Parade and Pinnacle Road became home to G2, G3, G4, G5 and G6 developments by the end of 1985.
  • Land at Somerton was acquired for staged industrial development in 1985.
  • Completed CIG development in Altona North 1986.
  • Development for Mercedes Benz completed in 1987, the first of many at Victoria Transport Centre.
  • Warehouse for Franklins in Somerton was completed in 1988.
  • Buildings at Somerton were completed for Truck Stop, Truck Park and Mack Trucks in 1989.
  • Land was acquired in Altona North for development of Citiwest Industrial Estate in 1987 and G9 was completed at the site for Target by 1989.
  • Buildings at Citiwest were completed for R&H, Cummins, Loys, Yokohama and the Westgate office in 1990.
  • G7and G8 at Citiwest were completed for Daimaru, Bunge, Just Jeans and Titan in 1991.
  • Stage one was completed for Nestle at Victorian Transport Centre in 1991, with the second stage completed in 1995.
  • Completed buildings for Bridgestone in 1993, AWM in 1994, Fujitsu and Stonehart in 1995 at Citiwest.
  • Completed a building in Port Melbourne to contain all of BHP’s archives in 1994
  • Acquired land in Richmond for Victoria Gardens Precinct development in 1995.
  • Completed buildings for Hoechst, Pacific Brands and Bridgestone extension at Citiwest and Target and Chemtrams at Citiwest South from 1996 to 1997.
  • Completed 8 Fitzgerald Road in Laverton North in 1997.
  • Office building and ten warehouse/offices were completed at Citiport in Port Melbourne in 1997, which soon became the new home for Salta Properties’ head office.
  • Completed building for OPC at 830 Lorimer Street in Port Melbourne in 1999.
  • Projects completed for CUB, Nestle, stage one and two for 3PP at Citiwest South in 1998 and 1999.
  • Completed Mannway in 1998 and buildings for Brimac and Australia Post in 1999 at Citisouth in Dandenong.
  • Completed building for Halford Young in 1999, the first project at Aerolink Estate in Tullamarine.
  • Completed buildings for Austab, Yokohama, CC Containers, Sheldon Linen and the G9 Extension at Citiwest in 1999.
  • The first development at Victoria Gardens Precinct was completed with offices at 678 Victoria Street, 3-5 Christine Court and 15 River Boulevard in 1999.
  • Completed buildings for Tyre Marketers and CUB in 2000, Davies Craig and Nestle’s expansion in 2003 and Fashion Biz and TSCO in 2005 at Citiwest South.
  • Projects completed at Cititech in Port Melbourne for BAE Office in 2000 and VRTA, Finsbury and Globe International in 2001, Phillro in 2003 and Computershare in 2005.
  • Developed 13 units in 2000 at Citilink in Port Melbourne.
  • Stage one completed at Arndell Park in New South Wales in 2000 and Stradbroke Street in Heathwood Queensland in 2001.
  • Completed stage three for Nestle in 2001 and Crane Aluminium in 2002 at Victorian Transport Centre in Somerton.
  • Developed dwellings and shops in Portsea in 2001 and luxury houses in St Georges Road, Toorak in 2003.
  • Moved forward with plans at Aerolink Estate, completing Lot 7 Lambeck Drive in 2001, A. Hartodt and Multi-units in 2004 and Lidi Blinds in 2005.
  • Developed buildings at Citisouth in Dandenong for Brimac, Centrelink Records Store, L’Oreal, Alspec, Orica Woodcare and Dulux from 2001 to 2005.
  • Completed 620 Victoria Street, IKEA, Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre and 600 Victoria Street in 2003 and Centrelink’s office in 2004 at the Victoria Gardens Precinct.
  • Completed the first stage at Nexus in Mulgrave in 2005 with developments at 37 Dunlop Road and 21 Multi Units.
  • Completed Blue Seas Workshop in 2006.
  • Completed Coles DC in 2007 and Fort Knox in 2008 at Citiwest South in Altona North.
  • Began developments at Victoria Dock in Port Melbourne in 2004, completing Shed 22 in 2007 and the Westgate Ports warehouse in 2008.
  • Purchased site at Proximity in Sunshine West in 2005 and completed CBC Bearings in 2007.
  • Developed Cititech in Port Melbourne for Calendar Cheese in 2007 and Mercedes Benz in 2008.
  • Completed Noosa Street in 2006 at Heathwood in Queensland and Blackwoods warehouse in 2009 at Canningvale in Western Australia.
  • Completed a 79 Unit residential development in 2008 and shopping centre in 2010 at Glen Gala in Sunshine.
  • Completed IMA Office in 2009 at Nexus in Mulgrave.
  • Developed Centrelink Offices in 2009 and Retail Tenancies in 2010 at Preston Market.
  • Completed Greensborough Centrelink Offices in 2010.
  • Finished East Melbourne developments at 150 Clarendon Street and Mercy Health Aged Care in 2009 and 140 Gipps Street in 2010.
  • Completed Victoria Dock Shed 24 in 2011.
  • Developed Flockhart Street Community Housing in 2011 and Burnley Street apartments (RAPTL) in 2012 at the Victoria Gardens Precinct.
  • Completed GUD at Citiwest South in 2012.
  • Completed buildings at 2, 4 and 6 Nexus Court in 2012.
  • In 2013 Salta Properties moved Head Office from Port Melbourne to Collins Street, Melbourne
  • Completed Green Square Apartments which comprised of 406 apartments and 93 serviced apartments in 2014.
  • Developed Maersk Terminal in Altona in 2014
  • Completed Bunnings Distribution Centre at Dandenong South 2014
  • Completed buildings at 3 Nexus Court and 8 Nexus Court, Mulgrave.
  • Completed A Place to Live apartments in Richmond in 2016