Sam and Christine Tarascio and Salta Properties are sponsoring Chabad Youth in the establishment of a new Shoreham campsite that will provide overnight camp stay accommodation for Victorian Youth activities.

The campsite is located on Point Leo Road and will proudly be named Point Leo Camp.

Sam and Christine have provided a rental underwrite to Chabad Youth for the full term or the lease on the property, Chabad Youth will manage and operate the day-to-day activities of the camp. The camp will allow Chabad Youth to economically pursue its social objectives and increase Its camp accommodation and activities.

Chabad Youth is a vibrant community based organisation offering a wide range or social, cultural, recreational and educational services to thousands or young people in Melbourne. The organisation supports the social and emotional development or young people from a diverse range or backgrounds and abilities. Chabad Youth has been running youth camps and young adult Initiatives for over 50 years and is well positioned to maximise the campsite's potential. As Australia's largest Jewish youth organisation. Its camps engage over 2,000 young people each year.

In 2017, Chabad Youth purchased its first campsite, Feathertop Chalet which is an Integral part of Victoria's youth campsite network.

Chabad Youth will use the fifty bed Point Leo Campsite for Its overnight youth camps and wellbeing initiatives. The ten-acre campsite and conferencing centre will also be available for hire to other Victorian Youth groups. It will be used to promote social cohesion, boost mental health and wellbeing, and build resilience within the Victorian Youth community - helping form the next generation of proud upstanding Australians.

Sam and Christine look forward to this new Chabad Youth Initiative.


Throughout our life, we have always sought to invest in organisations contributing to the social good and the long-term of Victoria's future. And there's no greater and brighter future than our youth.

Sam and Christine Tarascio

Moshe Kahn, Director or Chabad Youth warmly welcomes the Tarascio family's generous sponsorship. We are so deeply humbled by Sam and Christine's vision and generosity of spirit.  We look forward to the positive social outcomes that this relationship will bring to Victorian youth over the years to come. Immersive programs such as camps. allow young people to experience community, conectedness and fun, while enjoying the outdoors in a way that boosts their mental health and wellbeing.  We can't wait to see the magic of our programs at Point Leo Camp and look forward to sharing this beautiful campsite with Victoria's diverse community and youth groups." 

Posted 12 November 2020