Wrights, PR Partner of Salta Properties

Wrights is ingenious. Their people are clever, original and effective communicators. Story-telling is at the heart of all they do.

For more than 30 years, their work has impacted Australian life from weekly shopping and recreation to how people transact business and choose the food they eat.

Wrights is always curious to understand people and how interaction motivates them.

Establishing and maintaining equity in an idea, a culture or a brand requires shared ownership, which can only be established through effective communication.

They recognise the impact communication has and are conscientiously apply their experience to connect people.

"Over the past ten years, Wrights has had the pleasure of being Salta Properties’ public relations partner. During this time, we have acted as an extension of the team and been a part of Salta’s exciting journey through major company milestones and achievements. Wrights values the trust and confidence Salta has in the team and looks forward to collaborating for many more years to come as Salta continues to lead the way in the property market."

Lauren Zammit - General Manager - Wrights

Posted 04 July 2019