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We pride ourselves on partnering and supporting like-minded people in creating successful and sustainable companies.

In 2013 we established Salta Capital, our venture capital arm, led by Sam Tarascio Snr, Sam Tarascio and David Tarascio.

The business forms part of the privately-owned Salta Group incorporating one of Australia’s largest private property developers – the family-owned Salta Properties.

Salta Capital has a diverse interest in companies including property development, technology, construction, hotels and real estate, as well as a portfolio of ASX listed shares.






Our Salta Capital arm is expertly guided by an investment committee, with significant experience in a range of industries including property development, logistics, construction, retail, finance and investment.

Since we were founded in 2013, we have invested in and acted as advisors to a number of exciting companies currently undergoing rapid expansion.

We are immensely proud of our role in partnering and supporting these companies, that are disrupting the market and changing the way we do business forever.

Featured investments

Second Quarter

Second Quarter provide transitional capital to early shareholders, founders, professional investors and employees which allows them to take a bit off the table. These type of transactions are known as “secondaries” and we are the first secondaries fund in Australia to focus exclusively on the venture space.

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Tribe Hotels

Focussed on travellers who seek a high-quality hotel experience at an affordable rate, the Tribe brand is the creation of entrepreneurial Melbourne-based hotel developers Mark and Melissa Peters, and was realised alongside founding partners Salta Properties and Victor Smorgon Group.

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Equiem provides game-changing property management technology and services, composed of : the Equiem Tenant Portal, Equiem Onsite and Equiem Engage Together, their products form an integrated technology and services model that helps building managers connect and engage with tenants, as well as, manage the day-to-day operations of their building.

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Moda create homes that are internationally influenced, yet locally sensitive. We seek out the very best ideas and trends, taking inspiration and influences and applying them to our developments for the benefit of residents.

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Hub Australia

Beautiful spaces and curated business communities Hub provides state-of-the-art workspaces and premium amenities that let you focus on growing your business in a beautiful setting. With stunning hospitality areas and cafés, professional development and networking events, and open communal areas, Hub Australia is more than just an office space. Voted one of Australia’s Best Places to Work 2019 (under 100 employees).

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Lend Collective

Lend Collective provides borrowers with a streamlined funding application process facilitating loan arrangements with Wholesale Investors. Lend Collective allows borrowers greater flexibility to negotiate a tailored transaction and investors access to quality opportunities on the same terms as the larger participating institutions and cornerstone investors.

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A powerful tool that gives you the leading edge in your industry. Do your due diligence, or help your clients do theirs. View planning zones and planning overlays on an interactive map, download detailed property reports, and more.

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Drawboard was founded with the goal to bring reliable markup workflows into the 21st century. Drawboard’s premiere markup collaboration platform is Bullclip, and Drawboard’s original flagship product Drawboard PDF has amassed the status of one of the most downloaded engineering apps on the Windows Store.

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Fresho automates the ordering and payments process between suppliers and their customers in the food and beverage industry.

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Athena lightens the loan for Australian’s reducing their mortgage life sentence. Their super friendly loan experts, innovative technology and ground-breaking products gives Australian’s all the tools they need to save themselves thousands of dollars and years off their home loan. Athena are changing how home loans are funded so we can pass on direct savings to both our customers and investors.

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Wilmac is a privately owned property development company based in Melbourne, Australia. Their value lies in their proven ability to source, facilitate & deliver real estate projects across multiple asset classes including residential, commercial, retail & industrial.

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Buildxact provides builders and tradies with simple online business tools. We help our customers get ahead and stay ahead with estimating and job management software to manage the job end-to-end, from first contact and quote to final invoice. Today, Buildxact’s cloud and mobile software is used by construction companies from one or two operators to teams of many, delivering new homes and renovations, as well as small commercial projects. Together they are estimating and project managing hundreds of millions of dollars in profitable construction jobs. Developed in close cooperation with key industry organisations and their members, we learned that customers need business tools that are exceptionally easy to use, locally supported and easy to get started with. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, we have customers spread across Australia, New Zealand and North America.

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Zuuse is a leading global software provider operating in the construction and building operations sector. Zuuse’s construction solutions handle construction payment applications, seamlessly carried through to building operations with asset and facilities management and asset lifecycle management.

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GHIG’s best-in-class asset management, hospitality management and branding expertise enable it to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns by investing across the capital stack in hospitality assets, portfolios and companies—with a focus on major cities and tourist destinations worldwide.

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Our industry, freight forwarding and international trade, is one of the last to be disrupted by digital innovation. Explorate is creating a simpler way to do complicated shipments by developing its own online platform.

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Our artists will create your virtual exterior replica which you can populate with all your marketing materials and leasing information. Virtual tours of interior spaces will be created additionally.

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We invest across industries including:

Property Development

TSW Developments commence with David Tarascio and two colleagues. The business grew successfully, prompting Salta to invite David to bring the company in under Salta Capital. Rebranded as Moda and serving as a model case study for Salta Capital, TSW Developments became a high-profile development company known for its exceptional architectural and design integrity.

Property Technology

One of the first businesses Salta Capital invested in was Investorist, a software platform for managing sales channel programs and processes. It is also a market–place now listing $25 billion worth of stock, with developers and lead agents using the site to list projects for viewing by thousands of channel agents around the world. Another investment is Equiem, a community engagement platform. Salta believes that community engagement is crucial in all property categories, and in this regard Equiem has been a huge success, employing 220 staff in four countries, with Salta Capital the first investor.

Logistic Technology

Salta Capital is one of the key shareholders in Fresho, a technology designed to streamline the process of ordering goods and products within the food industry. The platform has a relationship with all suppliers online, managing the wholesalers, orders and inventory. It takes the cost out of the equation for both the client and the wholesaler.


Salta Capital opened its first hotel – Tribe Perth – in 2017. The business is dedicated to finding innovative hotel designs and operators and setting new standards in the Australian hotels market, particularly in the business and leisure sectors. As a result, Salta Capital’s portfolio is growing strong and the top hotel operators joining the team include Quest Apartment Hotels, Intercontinental Hotel Group and Accor Group.

Finance Technology

Lendcollective is another major technology platform in which Salta has invested. Essentially a tech platform that facilitates property lending transactions, it offers borrowers a streamlined funding application process. In doing so, it provides borrowers with better flexibility to negotiate a tailored transaction, and investors with better access to opportunities on the same terms as the bigger institutions and investors.

Salta Capital has been the ideal partner to grow our business in line with our vision.

Ed Farquharson, Moda

Salta provides endless opportunities for learning and development.

Megan Testa, Marketing

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